FDA-cleared home tests
Clinically validated peripheral vision test
HIPAA compliant
Software medical devices

KeepYourSight service extends doctors’ efforts for enhanced patient care and economics

  • Broader Community Outreach

    Utilize platform for community public health efforts

  • Better Quality of Patient Care and Engagement

    Enable remote patient engagement and compliance.

  • Top Line

    Drive significant practice economics through reimbursable home perimetry testing.

  • Minimal Operating Expenses and No CapEx

    Minimize practice expenses for purchasing and maintaining office equipment. Frees up technicians’ time

  • More
    Efficient Office Space Use

    Allow for better use of office space and management of patient flow.

Examples of Patient Use Cases


Remote Physiologic Monitoring

Dry AMD patient needs to do weekly Amsler grid tests at home to detect disease progression.

Home Macustat testing on a weekly basis can detect subtle changes in macular function.


Glaucoma Suspect

Patient scheduled for first-time perimetry is nervous and unreliable during office visit

Peristat testing can help patients practice at home and perform reliably


AMD/ DME during COVID-19

Patient with a retina condition wonders if they should come to the office during COVID-19

Home Macustat testing can verify visual acuity and macular function to confirm any changes


Office Flow

Patients need microperimetry or perimetry but create office congestion

Peristat or Macustat testing can be done at home and the patient comes with their results ready

How it Works?

  • Doctors Enroll with KYS

  • Doctors Enroll Qualified Patients Into Remote Physiologic Monitoring Program or Outreach to Patients and Community

  • Patients Test At Home Weekly

  • KYS Monitors Patients Activity, Grades Tests and Follows up

  • KYS Ensures Billing and Reimbursement to Doctors

Doctors Testimonials


Not being bound by the office chair and being able to drop in on our patients with KYS – any place, any time, is not only convenient, but better care all around.

Dr. Susan MacDonald

Cataract Surgeon


KeepYourSight keeps it simple with a software-only approach. This is a gift, making telehealth accessible to patients all over the world.

Dr. Ranya Habash



Eye health, vision wellness and disease monitoring @ HOME – this is the most natural extension of patient care and doctoring.

Dr. Pamela Gallin

Pediatric Ophthalmologist


Home vision testing with KYS can help keep my patients safe and in check.

Dr. April Jasper



Population health through telemedicine – this is not only smart eye care, but the only way to tackle big public health challenges such as glaucoma, AMD and diabetic retinopathy.

Dr. Louis Pasquale

Glaucoma Specialist


We are finally entering into a new age of medicine – where eye health = iHealth….for smarter vision care for our patients.

Dr. Siddarth Rathi

Glaucoma Specialist